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給流浪狗一個 永遠的家。
First, let me say “Thank You!” for all of your love and support. 

In Taiwan, we have a huge population of homeless, abandoned, neglected, and abused animals, especially dogs. For some cultures, dogs are treated as family members. Unfortunately, in many Asian countries, dogs are often mistreated, left to fend for themselves in horrible conditions, and/or treated as disposable at any times. While growing up, I never had the chance to learn to love and respect animals like most Western families raised their children to do.  In fact, I grew up really fearful of dogs.

My fear only began to dissolve around 15 years ago, when I met my husband.  He brought a Golden puppy, Chester, into our lives. I still remember the first 5 months that I stared at Chester, screaming and crying out of fear. However, I often ended up being the one to take care of him and, as a result, my fear of Chester began to turn into love and our bond grew stronger with each passing day. At our first year anniversary, we welcomed another dog, Toby, into our lives so that the two dogs could keep each other company while we were at work.

A few years down the road, we decided to move into a house with a yard so that both dogs could have more room to play. As a result, I became aware of the huge number of stray animals, especially dogs, living homeless on the streets in the mountains near our home, begging for food. These stray dogs were not spayed or neutered and all lived in horrible conditions. Most were sick, injured, and/or abused.

One day, after I saw a dog with severe skin problems and starving, I stopped my car and fed it some food. I also took a photo of the dog and went straight to the vet to get some medicine. The dog began waiting for me at the same spot every day and in 3 weeks' time, his skin condition cleared up due to the medicine I administered. Over time I began feeding and treating all of the stray dogs I found in the mountains where I live. One by one, I caught them and would try to find them a safe and loving forever home.

Most of the stray dogs I encounter are what we call Formosan Mountain Dogs, native to Taiwan. These dogs are often used as guard dogs, tied to heavy chains and left without proper food and shelter. It is very heartbreaking.  I, and the volunteers I work with, can only rescue hundreds of them each year, so many are continuing to suffer each second of their lives. These stray dogs are the most loyal, smart, and loving dogs. They deserve more sympathy and much better lives. 

All of the dogs we rescue are well cared for in my home. It is very important to me that I provide the best care
during the rehabilitation process.  For some dogs, it can take years to properly find them the right family
to give them a forever home.

And to think, this all started from one puppy named Chester who changed my attitude towards dogs from fear to love.
I think my old self would be shocked to see the efforts I now put in to save hundreds of dogs every year and
how these dogs are now bringing love into their adopted families around the world, just like the love
Chester brought to me.

I am now also asking you to join me in extending our love and care to help more dogs in desperate need
by educating others and raising the awareness of proper pet ownership.  We all still have a lot to learn!

Please adopt and help save these dogs lives! Thank you!


在台灣有許多無法統計出來的大量的動物.有的被丟棄的.有的是虐待的.有的是不當飼養的.尤其是狗!有些地方因為文化的不同.把狗當成是家中的成員! 不幸地.在亞洲的很多地方.狗的遭遇是非常的悲慘.居住在很恐怖的環境. 隨時可以當垃圾處理掉!

我的成長過程.沒有機會有著西方人的環境.會教導小孩學習如何去愛動物.如何尊重動物~~ 我長大以後卻是非常的怕狗! 直到15年前.我結婚了.我的先生帶了一隻黃金幼犬Chester.進入了我們的生活! 我到現在還記得我剛看到Chester的時候.瞪著眼睛看他.害怕的大叫又哭又鬧! 後來很特別的我開始照顧他.越來越與他相處就越黏合在一起。 第一年結婚紀念日.我們又歡迎了另外一隻狗Toby.加入了我們的家庭! 當我們去上班的時候,這樣二隻狗就可以互相作伴不會寂寞。

過了幾年.我們決定要搬到有庭院的新家.讓它們更有空間可以運動! 因為這個新家是在山區.卻讓我看到很多流浪的動物.尤其是狗!! 在山上的馬路上流浪乞求過路人給食物!

這些街上流浪狗都是沒有結紮的.生活在很可怕的環境裡! 大部分不是生病就是受傷或是被虐待!!

有一天我看到一隻皮膚病很嚴重又飢餓的流浪狗. 我停下車來餵了他一些食物! 拍了照片直奔動物醫院拿了一些藥準備給他治療! 這隻狗從此每天在相同的地方等我.經過3星期後.他的皮膚病都痊癒了! 就這樣我開始餵食在我居住的這座山的流浪狗也治療他們的各種病! 也開始一隻一隻抓到家裡訓練.嘗試為他們尋找永遠的家庭!

大部分的流浪狗.就是我們稱呼的Formosan Mountain Dogs. 是台灣所謂的土狗! 這些狗經常是被當成看們狗.用鐵鍊綁著.沒有好的食物 或遮風避雨的地方可以安身!

那是非常令人痛心疾首的遺憾~ 我們單獨只能一年拯救幾百隻狗,但是每一秒鐘都有遭受虐待的事件發生!那就是最忠心.聰明又可愛的狗~~ 他們應該得到人們更多的認識與了解.提供給他們更好的一個生活!! 請以認養替代購買.拯救他們給她們嶄新的未來!!

所以救援來的狗都安置在我家.給予最好的醫療與照顧! 在醫療過程中 所有的復健工作也是非常重要.有的需要花很長的時間 甚至有的要長達一年以上.才能慢慢地替他們找到永遠的家!

我只是拋磚引玉開始了救援這條路. 期盼我不孤單.誠摯要請您們加入我的行列! 讓我們共同朝著救援更多極需要幫助的狗.依照他們個別的需求.教導它們.訓練它們進而喚起更多人給予他們應有的生存權!!