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The Story of Newt

My name is Newt and I was rescued from the middle of a mountain road. I had collapsed in the middle of the road and I couldn’t move. Luckily Mary’s Doggies and her team were driving by and they didn’t ignore my plight. Even though I’m a big boy, they got me in the car and to the vet. It seems I had been in some sort of accident. I have now recovered well, but after being at Mary’s for a little while it was discovered that I had epilepsy. This may be from the accident I was in. I get my daily medication and I’m doing really well. I try to run Mary’s Doggies telling people and dogs alike where they should be and what they should be doing. I’m not being mean though, I just want everyone to know what they should be doing and do it right. 


I really hope I can get a sponsor or two so I can pay back a little to Mary and her team for all the love and patience they have given me.

我是Newt,我是在山路上獲救的。我當倒在馬路中間,動彈不得。我很幸運,因為Mary’s Doggies的團隊當時開車經過,並發現陷入困境的我。雖然我很笨重,但人類還是把我放到車上並送到獸醫師那裡。人類們認為我遇到某種意外,但我現康復良好。不過在Mary呆了一陣子後,我被診斷得了癲癇症─這可能是我遭遇的意外引起的。我現在每天都要服用藥物,不過我都乖乖聽話吃藥。我想推廣Mary's Doggies,告訴更多人類和狗狗同胞這個地方以及大家該做的事。唉唷別誤會,我沒有批評別人的意思,我只是希望大家都能知道該如何正確幫助浪浪。