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The Story of Li

Hi my name is Li or in Chinese – Old Li. I was a TNR dog who was caught, neutered and put back to my original place. I lived for many years on the streets. I had food and shelter, but when I got older, things became more difficult for me and I was getting weaker. On one rainy day I was caught again and my chip lead me back to a full time volunteer at Mary’s Doggies. I was brought into Mary’s Doggies and got all the medical I needed as an old boy. It was strange to finally have my own bed, but now I love it. I try to be the king of the pack sometimes which upsets a few of the other dogs, but generally I get along with most of the pack. I love my treat time and my morning pack walks. 

I really hope I can get a sponsor or two so I can pay back a little to Mary and her team for all the love and patience they have given me.

嗨,我叫Li,叫我老李也可以喔。我曾被捕捉、絕育並且放回原地。我在街頭生活了很多年,有食物來源和住的地方,但當我越來越大之後,情況就越來越棘手,我開始變得虛弱,某個雨天我又抓走,多虧我身上的晶片,讓我能夠回到Mary's Doggies的志工身旁。當我來到Mary's Doggies後,人類為我做了所有必需的醫治。躺在自己專屬的床上感覺有點不習慣,但我開始喜歡它了。我有時會嘗試擔任狗狗們的老大,這讓其他幾隻狗狗感到不安,不過呢,平常我都和大家打成一片、相處融洽。我喜歡在這裡的時光,也喜歡在早晨時跟人類和其他狗狗一起去散步。