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The Story of Castiel

Hi there my name is Castiel and I was rescued from the streets in a terrible state. I was once owned but always lived on the streets. My “owners” fed me and I lived by their fried chicken stand but I never knew an actual home. When they decided to pack up their stand, they left me. I stayed there like the loyal boy I am and waited for them, but they never came back. I grew thin and weak. I didn’t want to eat until my owners came back. Luckily, Mary’s Doggies team decided I needed to be loved and have a home and I was rescued. I’m a sweet lovable boy – I still call myself a boy. I love cuddles and I never bark. I’ve learnt to trust again and I’m a very happy boy. 

I really hope I can get a sponsor or two so I can pay back a little to Mary and her team for all the love and patience they have given me

大家好啊,我是Castiel,在我獲救的時候,我流落街頭,狀況相當糟糕。我雖然有人類照顧,但只能住在街上。我的「主人們」養活了我,讓我住在他們的炸雞攤旁邊,但我從來不知道真正的家是什麼樣子。當主人們決定收掉攤位時,我也被遺棄了。我曾呆呆地原地等待他們回來,但希望卻落了空。我後來變得非常瘦弱。主人不回來,我也沒有心情吃東西了。後來,Mary’s Doggies的救援小隊救了我,把我帶到夢寐以求的「家」裡。我是一個可愛的「老」男孩。我喜歡抱抱,從來不亂吠叫。我也學會了信任,現在是一個非常快樂的男孩喔。