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The Story of Clara

Hi there, my name is Clara. I was found wandering the streets in New Taipei City. I was wandering up and down looking for someone to help me. I was very hungry and thirsty and seemed to have been wandering for quite some time. I was taken to nearby vets and pet stores to see if I belonged to anyone. Unfortunately no one recognized me. I didn’t have a chip nor a collar with any identifying tags. I was unloved. I wasn’t spayed and if I stayed on the streets for much longer, I would surely fall pregnant and add to the stray population. Luckily, I was taken in my Mary and her team. I am a lucky girl. Unfortunately, it seems my past has affected me more than I realized and I am quite afraid of people. Mary and her team have tried their best to socialize me and help me to learn to trust, but I’m just not there yet. Luckily, I’m in a foster home and I love my foster mommy and I’m a really good girl. I cannot be adopted yet as I’m not yet ready for a family. I’m much luckier than many other dogs. I’m safe and loved and I will never be dumped again. Hopefully, I will start to trust again and I can find my very own loving home.