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The Story of Blanco and Branco

We are Blanco and Branco. We once had a mommy but she dumped us on someone and then left the country and never contacted that person again. That lady could not take care of us and so we were passed to another person. However, that person also felt they could not take care of us. Luckily, we were taken in eventually by Mary and her team. We were not neutered and our fur was in terrible condition. We had infected ears and infected eyes. None seemed to care for us at all. We were so sad to be dumped like that by so many people. Now, however, we are safe and loved. Unfortunately, we never learned how to be properly potty trained and even though we have 24 access to the balcony, we still pee in the house. This is what is hindering us finding our forever home. Also Branco is blind and deaf, but so very sweet and loving. Me Blanco I’m ok and very lively, but I have one foot missing. 


We are so very happy we are loved and safe and we hope maybe one day someone can look past our issues and give us a forever loving home.

我們小時候沒有受過大小便訓練,即使現在24小時可以自由在陽台進出,還是會在室內排泄。我們的個性很親人友善,可惜Branco 失明又失聰,我又少了一隻腳,這些劣勢讓我們無法被送養。雖然如此,我們過著幸福又安穩的生活,對未來還是充滿希望。或許有一天,有一個家庭願意接受我們的殘缺,給我們一個永遠的家。