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The Story of Warren

Hi there, my name is Warren. I was rescued along with my mom and my 5 siblings. We were living at a water plant in the mountains. The people working there would feed us from time to time, but it wasn’t a place to live and we were threatened with the dog catchers. Luckily, Mary and her team came and rescued us all. My mom Wulai and my four other siblings have all found loving homes. They are all happy and loved. Unfortunately, for some reason I am really afraid of people. Mary and the team have worked with me, and taken me out to socialize since I was a pup, but I’m still so afraid of people. I have some people who I like and I am super friendly to those people, but I bark or run away from anyone I don’t know. I cannot be adopted until I’m more comfortable around people. Hopefully, one day it will click and I will realize that I can be loved if I start to trust people.


I’m very grateful to Mary and her team. Now I’m safe and loved. I’m very happy for my mom and siblings, hopefully someday I will be as lucky as they are.

哈囉!我的名字是Warren,我和媽媽還有五隻手足在山中流浪。山上不是一個適合居住的地方,我們雖然有工人餵食,卻每天受到捕獸夾的威脅。好險Mary和她的團隊救了我們一家人,也幫我的媽媽 ”烏來“ 和五隻手足找到永遠的家。我的家人現在都過著幸福的生活,只有我因為怕人,一直無法送養。Mary和她的團隊沒有放棄,每天持續為我做心靈重建,從小就帶著我接觸人群。我在園區有喜歡和相信的人類,會主動與他們親近;遇到陌生人會逃跑或吠叫,無法克服內心的恐懼。我只要無法與陌生人相處,就沒有被送養的機會。希望有一天我可以突破自己的心防,重新相信人類,給自己被愛的機會。