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The Story of Marni

One of our volunteers has been helping a gentleman who has been diag- nosed with stage 4 cancer with his outside cats getting them spayed/ neutered and finding homes for the friendly ones.
Our volunteer contacted us and told us that while the gentleman was out walking his own dogs, had found 3 tiny puppies (Marni and her sisters). They were all alone and desperate for food and water. He lives in the countryside of Hsinchu and there was no other dogs around or people and so he knew he could not just leave them there.

He took Marni and her sisters home but knew with his condition and needing to leave the country very soon, he could not take care of them.
We decided we had to help these poor defenseless babies and so we found a foster home for them. Our volunteers helped us arrange transportation from Hsinchu to Taipei and the puppies were immediately checked out by our vet. Luckily they are all healthy and very lively.

Marni and her sisters are the sweatiest loving little ladies. We are so glad we could help them as we know they wouldn’t have survived out there on their own.