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The Story of Gypsy Lee
On our way back from a volunteer day at the park, we were driving down a busy road just
off the highway when we saw Gypsy Lee running down the middle of the road. We
immediately stopped and tried to get her to come to us. However, Gypsy Lee was too
scared and with all the cars driving past so quickly we didn’t want to spook her and she
run into traffic. So we started to walk away and see what she would do. This smart little
girl saw a break in traffic and crossed the road to the side we were on, but she still
wouldn’t approach us.
We waited a while and then she jumped into the bushes on the side of the road. We knew
this was our chance and so we got food out of the car and went to look for her. We found
her laying down in some water to cool off. We slowly put some food down for her and she
was so hungry that she immediately ate it. We put some more food down and while she
was eating we quickly put a slip leash on her. She fought a little but then calmed down
and came with us back to the car. We got her in the car quickly and we took her back.
Gypsy Lee is not a young lady and has been TNR’d as she has a clipped ear and has
already been spayed. She was very scared but realized we only wanted to help. She is a
sweet lady and is doing well with us. We have no idea where she came from as we drive
this road daily and have never seen her before. She may have wondered from her
previous place do to a lack of food or shelter. Now she is safe and we will take care of her
and do our best to find a home for this lady.

Gypsy Lee。害怕的她在路中間跑來跑去。我們立刻停車卻也害怕驚動她跑進車流。
我們在一旁耐心等待。Gypsy Lee 趁沒有車的空檔穿越⾺路來到靠近我們的道路,卻還是不願意接近我們。後來她跳進路邊的樹叢,給了我們誘捕的機會。我們回車裡拿了食物,發現她正躺在⼀灘⽔裡消暑。飢餓的她立即把我們放在地上的食物吃完。我們多放了了一些食物,她又很快地跑過來吃。我們把握機會⽤用牽繩將她套住。她掙扎了一下,很快就冷靜和我們一起上車,讓我們順利利地帶她回去。
Gypsy Lee 是⼀隻有了年紀的狗。她的剪耳標記告訴我們她曾接受TNR⼿手術,也已經結紮