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The Story of Dalton
My name is Dalton and I was rescued along with my sister Darcy and my mom Dani. We were rescued from a factory where we were not welcome and would get chased away. Our mom tried very hard to keep us safe but there was a busy road and people were worried we’d get hurt. Luckily, we were taken in by Mary and her team and now we are safe. Our mom was super lucky and found a loving home very quickly. However, my sister and I were shy coming in and maybe because our first impressions of people around the factory weren’t good, we have a very hard time trusting people. We are getting better and hopefully with more socialization and training we’ll warm up to people quicker and maybe one day we’ll find our very own loving home.
I hope I can get some sponsors as I’d really like to help Mary and her team as they have given my sister and I so much and they have always been so very patient with us.

我的名字叫做Dalton。我與媽媽Dani和妹妹Darci住在一間工廠裡。工廠的人不喜歡我們,常常驅趕我們到外面的馬路。路上來往的車輛很多,媽媽很努力地保護我和妹妹,既艱難又危險。我們很幸運地被Mary’s Doggies 救援,遠離危險的工廠和馬路。媽媽Dani很快就被領養了;我和妹妹受到過往的影響,對人類的印象不好,很不信任人類。透過持續的社會化和訓練,妹妹和我已經進步很多。我期待有天能有足夠的勇氣親近人類,找到屬於自己的家庭。希望能有資助者願意幫助我回報Mary’s Doggies 對我和妹妹的耐心與照顧。