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The Story of Safari
Hi, my name is Safari and I’m Stacy’s sister. We were stray dogs in a park where there were so many other strays. Mary and her team came each week to try and catch as many as possible and help. But here were some people in the area who were not so nice and would chase us away. Luckily for us, Mary and her team cornered me and my sister one day and caught us. We were scared, but in some way knew we were off to a better life. Mary got us all the medical care we needed and gave us great food and a lovely place to say. Unfortunately, because of our shaky start in life with people being horrible to us, we are just not so trusting of people. I will run away if people try to pet me even though I know they just want to give me love. I’ve warmed up to the people who I see often and I am getting better. I can walk well on the leash and I’m not as barky as I used to be. With being so shy, it means my chances of adoption are not so high, but I’m still working on it and Mary has confidence in me. I will keep trying to build my confidence and who knows maybe one day I’ll find that perfect family.
I hope I can get sponsored so that I can help Mary and her team a little because of all they have done for me and all the other dogs.