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The Story of Anka
Well hello there. My name is Anka and boy do I have a sob story for you. I was chained up 24 hours a day with very little water or food. I was “owned” by some people with a flower shop. They used me and my friends as “guard” dogs, but honestly how can we guard when we’re chained up and have no energy to even stand.
I wasn’t spayed and because I had no way to run away, I became pregnant. I had a litter of puppies and because I’m a good mommy, I made sure they had milk to grow, but that meant I became even thinner.
I was eventually rescued by Mary and her team. They couldn’t believe the condition I was in. I was basically just skin and bones. They couldn’t believe how well I looked after my puppies even though I was starving. Luckily, all my puppies were healthy and they all found loving homes. I’m so very happy for all of them.
Unfortunately, because of my terrible life and starvation I now have epilepsy. I have seizures from time to time and because of this my chances of adoption are very low. Mary, says I have a home with her forever and I’m very good at taking care and teaching the new puppies that come in. I love being around people and the playful puppies and they make me feel so happy and young again. I am on medication for my epilepsy and I’m doing well. I’ve put on a lot of weight and I’m healthy.
I really hope I can get sponsored so that I can help Mary more as not everyone would take in a dog like me. I’m so grateful to Mary and her team and would like to give back a little.