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The Story of Murphy
Let me introduce myself, I’m Murphy!! I was rescued along with my mother, who fortunately had found a loving home. When I was rescued, the person who took me to the vet, thought that I just had a bad leg. However, when the vet saw me he realized straight away that I was paralyzed. My mother and I were both taken in by Mary and her team. I was so grateful to have a warm place to call my own. Mary took me to the vet for him to assess my situation. The vet said to see how I get along with my legs. However, after some time it was obvious that my paralyzed back legs were really no use to me and just slowing me down. So it was decided to amputate both of my back legs. Now this is a big operation and I was so very brave. No one knew how I would adapt as each and every dog is different. But me being the survivor that I am, I pulled through great and as soon as I was home from the vet, I was running around. I am able to pull my whole body up and walk on my front two legs. Even though Mary had confidence in me, she was super surprised at just how fast and how well I adapted. I can even climb stairs now on my own.
I’m super loving and love people and dogs, but unfortunately because of my disability, which honestly doesn’t bother me at all, I may never find a home of my own. Mary won’t give up though and will still look for the right family for me, but I’ll always have a home with her.
I hope you can sponsor me so I can give a little back to Mary as my care and the care of all the dogs Mary and her team take in is so very expensive. I love where I am, and I love all the attention I get. Maybe you will get to see me at some of the events we have.

大家好,我叫做Murphy!!! 我和媽媽一起被救援,她很幸運地已經找新家。我被救援的時候,救援者以為我的後腿受傷。經過獸醫檢查,才發現我的後腿是癱瘓。Mary和她的團隊收留了我和媽媽。我很感激自己能把這麼溫暖的地方當作自己的家。Mary帶我看獸醫時,獸醫說要觀察我癱瘓的後腿。他們發現癱瘓的後腿毫無用處,只會讓我行動困難。他們決定對我的兩隻後腿進行截肢。我是個勇敢的男孩。沒有人知道截肢後的我會如何,因為每隻狗狗都不一樣。堅強的我努力克服一切,出院回家的第一天就用前腿支撐身體,在地上移動。我迅速的復原和適應力讓對我信心滿滿的Mary感到驚奇。我不僅能走,能迅速移動,還能自己爬樓梯。