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The Story of Vila
Hi, my name is Vila and I’m Vidal’s wife. I was living up in the mountains with my husband and constantly on the run from people. I was once caught in a snare trap, which managed to get entangled around my waist. I was never able to get it off and so it imbedded into my body and has caused my stomach and abdomen to be deformed.
This made me even more afraid. Then I was also caught in a jin trap and lost my front paw. I’ve really been through the wars, but I’m a survivor and with my husband by my side, I carried on and strived to live.
We were all kicked out of the building site we called home and had to look for a safe place and food. We were all so very hungry that we ventured down the mountain a little and that was the fateful day that Mary was able to catch us. She had been wanting to catch us for so many years, but the people at the building site would not let her in to help us.
She managed to get help and was able to catch me, my husband and our pack. We were all so very scared, but we knew we were heading for a much better place.
Mary got us all the medical help we needed and gave us all a safe, warm and loving place to live.
Because I’ve been through so much, I’m still not trusting of people and will run away when people try to come near me. My husband will try to protect me which sometimes scares people. He’s so protective of me.
I know I’m safe now and I so very much appreciate all the Mary and her team have done for us. I hope one day I’ll be trusting enough to be petted and give some doggy kisses.
I hope you can sponsor me so I can give a little back to Mary who has done so much for all of us.