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The Story of Lily
Hi, my name is Lily and I was rescued by a lady many years ago. However, this lady really didn’t have the means to take care of me and the other dogs that she had rescued. She really wanted to help us and she thought she was doing the best for us, but life was not good. We were chained up to cages at a bus station. We were never exercised and lived there with minimum shelter. Summers were hot and winters were cold and wet. We lived like that for many years. Then the lady got very sick and reached out for help. She contacted Mary’s Doggies and when Mary and her team saw the conditions we were kept in, they immediately put us in their car and took us to the vet. Unfortunately, because I lived outside all my life and didn’t get the monthly prevention medication, I had contracted heartworm. Mary and her team got me the medical treatment I needed and now I’m all better.

However, because I was chained up for so long and I have a bad leg which was caused by being beaten when I was younger, I’m quite afraid of people. I’ll sometimes bark at new people and run away. I trust the people I know well, but new people scare me. Because of my age and the fact that I’m still wary of people, I’m probably not going to find a loving home of my own and will live out my life with Mary, which is ok for me as I’m loved and so well cared for. However, I know it is a burden to Mary and so I hope to get some sponsorships so that I can help her out. I hope I can share my story with people so more dogs can get help and find loving homes.

大家好,我的名字叫做Lily,多年前被一個好心的女人救援。這個女人救援了很多隻狗。她很愛我們,也盡力為我們付出。不幸的是她沒有足夠的資源,只好將我們用鐵鍊綁在公車站的籠子旁邊。我們沒有足夠的遮蔽物和運動,過著冬冷夏熱的生活。多年之後,這個女人生病了。她打電話和Mary’s Doggies 求救。Mary和她的團隊一見到我們的處境,二話不說帶我們去看獸醫。我長年住在戶外,沒有醫療照顧,身上長滿心絲蟲。感謝Mary和她的團隊幫我治病,我恢復地很好。