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The Story of Emerald
Hello~~! My name is Emerald, the German Shepherd. I’ve had a really rough and treacherous life, I was rescued from a high kill shelter 3 years ago where if you were not adopted within 12 days, you were sentenced to death. Luckily, someone saved me and took me to a private shelter where I waited to be adopted overseas. The conditions of the shelters were not the greatest and I contracted heartworm which shattered my dreams of going to a loving home as it meant I had to wait to be treated before I could look for a home. I was then moved again and again to three different over-crowded private shelters with minimal care. I was deprived not only of the TLC I craved and deeply thought I deserve but also the medical care that I urgently needed. When Mary visited the shelter, I barked with all my might with hopes that I would be noticed. Mary felt so sorry and sad for me and couldn’t get the image of my sad eyes out of her head so she generously decided to save my life, even if nobody wanted me, she would care for me in my old age.I had to do a full medical check up including all the blood work and X-Rays as German Shepherds are known to have hip problems to ensure that I have the best care.

I love being with Mary and love meeting people. All the dogs here love me and love to sleep next to me. I am safe now and I know I am loved. I hope I will get a sponsor to help pay for my monthly care as I know Mary struggles to pay the bills.





Emerald 敬上