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The Story of Sadie
Hi, my name is Sadie and I was living in a mountain area with my sister. We used to wander around the mountains looking for food. Someone contacted Mary’s Doggies about us as they were worried the dog catchers might be called or that we might get pregnant being young females wandering around not spayed. Mary’s Doggies came out to see us and decided that they had to catch us so we were safe and wouldn’t fall pregnant. They caught my sister Sassy first, but I was a little more difficult to catch. I was much more afraid of people. However, Mary’s Doggies didn’t give up and eventually they caught me and reunited me with my sister. We were both underweight and dehydrated from wandering in the mountains. We were taken for a thorough check up and both of us got spayed.

My sister Sassy took to being part of a family much quicker than I did. She loved being around people and so she found a loving home very quickly. I am really happy for my sister and I hope one day I will also have my own family.
I’m still shy around new people, but I love the people I know well at Mary’s Doggies. I will go to them for pets and scratches. I like to hang out at the front of the house and guard the other dogs. I notify everyone if anyone comes up to the house.
I’m still working on my training, but hopefully one day I’ll be brave enough to trust more and then be able to find a home all of my very own.

大家好,我叫做Sadie。我曾經和妹妹在山中流浪,四處覓食,尋找生路。有善心人士擔心尚未結紮的我們在山裡繁殖,也害怕我們會被捕狗大隊抓走,便聯絡Mary’s Doggies幫忙。Mary’s Doggies 看到我和妹妹的處境,決定救援我們,不僅是給我們安全的環境,也避免我們持續繁殖。他們先救援我的妹妹Sassy ,因為我的防衛心重,比較不好抓。經過多次努力,他們終於抓到了我,讓我們姐妹團聚。

我和妹妹不僅嚴重脫水,體重也過輕。Mary’s Doggies 帶我們做完整的身體檢查,並且幫我們結紮。我的妹妹Sassy因為個性親人,很快就被領養了。我很為她開心,也希望自己有一天可以找到願意領養我的家庭。

我對陌生人抱有防衛心,卻很愛Mary’s Doggies 的熟人。我會主動親近他們, 讓他們摸或幫我抓肚子。我喜歡在前院走動,保護園區的狗。只要一有陌生人接近,我就會用吠叫的方式提醒園區的夥伴們。我還在訓練自己的勇氣,希望有天我能勇敢地相信人類,找到屬於自己的家。