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The Story of Bruno

My name is Bruno. I am one the permanent resident at Mary's doggies. I was rescued when I was two month old. Before coming here, I was wondering on the mountain roads with my siblings. We were often chased and abused by people. I felt no one liked nor cared about us. I had no faith in humans. I first noticed Mary and her group when they came to drop off food and water. I didn't trust them but these food and water were lifesavers. 
I fell into a deep ditch when I was escaping from this scary and abusive man. I couldn't get out and was crying out of fear. Luckily, Mary and her team heard me and got me out. 
Everything changed since that horrible day trapped in the deep dark hole. It took me awhile to get used to all the new things but I am now one happy dog! 
Word from Foster Family:
Bruno had a rough beginning in life. He came traumatised both physically and mentally. It took him 5 years to regain trust in people. He is now very sweet and enjoys head and belly rubs very much. He's learned commands such as heel, come, leave it and sit.