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The Story of Laddie
Hi guys, Laddie here. I am one lucky pup I tell you! Well, not so lucky to begin with but as they say, happy go lucky! I used to have an owner that didn’t care about me. He would chain me up outside with no food or shelter and on occasions, when he remembers or was in a good mood, he would give me a bit of something to eat. Needless to say, I was hungry ALL THE TIME and the weather certainly didn’t help. I would feel like I’m melting under the sun one moment and the next I’m getting a free shower. Hot, humid, and damp conditions are the best for mosquitoes to breed and that’s why I have heartworms. Some infected mosquito bit me when I had no where to hide. Anyways, a nice neighbour noticed my poor conditions and came to reason with my “part-time” owner, boy was I happy to see her. She was so nice and gentle and did everything in her power to make me feel better. She gave me a house, some food, and eventually rescued me from my irresponsible owner. I am gaining weight steadily and treated like a king here. I still don’t feel so good because of heartworms but my spirit is high and I’m a happy boy! My motto in life: Always believe something magical will happen! It happened to me and it could to you too. Now I’m praying for the heartworms to go away then I can find someone who actually wants me. Will you please sponsor my medical expense?