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The Story of Joker
Hi, my name is Joker but I’m no joke-ster, I take things very seriously especially when it comes to food. You see, I was a traditional market dog. I patrol the lanes and alleys of the traditional market to be more precise. Ever watched Lady and the Tramp? Yes, that’s me! Sometimes I pretend to be a good boy to get some food here and there to keep me going, sometimes I just run around for fun. I get very suspicious of people that want to get close to me for no reason. I can smell the poison from a mile away. I have seen life and death in my young age, I know it’s easy to fall in the trap when you are overly hungry and that’s what happened to some of my friends.
There was one special lady that came to the market everyday, she would just stand there smiling and waving at me and had an expression of genuine concern as if she was afraid. Over time, I grew to trust her and one day let her take me home. She got the itch out of my hair and gave me a blanket to sleep on, for that, I will be forever grateful. It was the first time I’ve ever fell into a deep worry-free sleep, boy did it ever feel good. I woke up feeling like a brand new dog! I’m still learning how to be a good house dog, sometimes I forget and go back to my old ways, but please have faith in me as I have faith in you. I am working very hard to learn the new rules and I will be ready for my new home soon!