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The Story of Pandora
Hello, I’m Pandora, I am the extra lucky one that was found and saved when they came to rescue a different family of pups at the park. I lived alone at the parking lot near the park, I was so lonely, so hungry, and so grateful to anyone that gave me food but I was taught well and was always alert; rule 101 of a stray: never let my guard down. This, of course made them work extra hard to impress me, I guess you can say I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time, even though there are so many other strays in the area. I am a pretty girl with a snowy white coat, if I do say so myself with a shy and quiet personality but I truly believe, if you give me some time to get to know you I would make a great companion for you. While I learn the ropes on becoming loving pet, would you kindly sponsor my medical fees of NT$17,250?

大家好,我的名字是Pandora (潘朵拉)。我就是傳說中,他們在公園救援一個浪浪家族時,正好遇到便一起拯救那幸運毛孩。我住在公園旁的停車場,既孤單又飢餓。雖然對餵食我的陌生人心存感激,卻從不敢掉以輕心。浪浪生存之道第一條:防人之心不可無。也因為如此,他們花了很大的心力,才取得我的信任。我只能說,這個區域的流浪狗很多。幸運的我,不僅出現在對的時間和地點,還正好遇到願意拯救我的人。我是個漂亮的女孩,擁有一身像雪一樣的白毛,跟不規則的美麗斑點。雖然我的個性安靜害羞,但我願意用一輩子的時間,陪伴願意認識我的您。我目前正在練習牽繩和居家禮儀,請問您願意在我學習時,資助我台幣17,250的醫療費用嗎?