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The Story of Wilbur
我的名子叫Wilbur。我跟著我媽媽Rosy 和我兄弟Reese一起來到瑪莉愛狗協會的。我堅強的媽媽是在街上自己長大的,而我們是在樹叢裡她挖的一個洞出生的。外面的世界很殘酷,對一個單親媽媽與她飢餓的孩子又更殘忍。一位好心的女士在觀察我們一家人好一陣子後,決定聯絡瑪莉愛狗協會來拯救我們。然而我媽媽謹慎小心的個性導致我們因為害怕一直逃跑。而此救援行動變得很十分困難。第一次的救援抓到了Reese ,第二次我媽媽被救走,最後一次我因為掉到水溝裡動彈不得而被獲救。
我們現在在中途之家過得很不一樣的生活! 我們有食物,乾淨的水,舒服的床,很多朋友,還有好多好多其他的新鮮的事物! 中途之家的人類哥哥還讓我跟他一起睡軟綿綿的床呢! 每個人都說我長的超級可愛,但是我不單單只是長的可愛而已喔! 我已經學會的牽繩走路,籠內訓練,而且沒有護食行為。 Reese 已經找到永遠的家了,而我相信我也很快就會找到會愛我一輩子的家!
Wilbur 是隻漂亮的小甜心。他的毛色比一般台灣土狗亮眼許多。光亮的白毛一路從下巴延伸到肚子。四支小腳跟尾巴尖端也有一撮白毛點綴。他的個性開朗而且很有潛力! 他已經學會了許多基本訓練,完成晶片植入,並且結紮。

My name is Wilbur. I came to Mary's Doggies with my mom Rosy and my brother Reese. My mom grew up in the streets and gave birth to us in a hole she dug. Life is tough out there nevermind for a single mom with hungry puppies. A kind lady contacted Mary's Doggies to come rescue us. My mom was very cautious of stranger which made the rescue difficult. We kept running away due to fear. The first rescue, they caught Reese. The second time they rescued mom.  Finally they got me at the third try.
Life is so much better at my foster family! We have food, water, beds, friends and so much more. My foster brother even let me sleep with him! Everyone says I am super cute but I am more than just the look! I've done several intro training session such as walking on leash, staying in crate and no food aggression. I am so glad I am here but I am more excited to find my 'furever' home! My brother Reese already found his and I believe I will have my own very soon!
From Foster Family:
Wilbur is a beautiful boy with sweet personality. He is not your typical Formosan Mountain Dog. He has beautiful white fur running from the bottom of his chin all the way to his belly and white spots at the tip of his tail and his four paws. He's a happy boy with lots of potential. He is microchipped and neutered.