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The Story of Tarzan
嗨,我叫做Tarzan。我自己一個人在街上流浪了很長的一段日子。當浪浪的生活真的很辛苦,但是我很幸運地遇到了一位好心的人。有好幾個月我都是靠這位人類朋友帶來的食物跟水過活。可惜附近的自來水公司不喜歡我在這裡晃,他們不但貼公告請大家不要餵食並且舉報捕狗大隊來抓我。我的人類朋友趕緊連絡瑪莉愛狗協會來救援我,好險在捕狗大隊之前就把我接了回去。 自從我來這裡,一切都變得很不一樣。我去看了醫生,洗了澡,還得到了良好的醫療措施。大家都說我是好狗狗,而我也很享受這一切的稱讚。我現在住在中途之家,交了許多跟我有相同過往的朋友,也一起學習如何當隻更好的狗狗!
Tarzen 是個溫和又有禮貌的小紳士。 他一開始很害羞又害怕,卻又很懂事,乖乖地配合救援以及訓練。 他現在已經學會牽繩走路,籠內訓練,對大小體積的狗狗都很友善,而且沒有護食行為。他已經有植入晶片而且結紮。
醫療檢驗疫苗,t狂犬病疫苗,晶片植入,結紮手術,驅蟲,疾病檢驗,(聚合酵素連鎖反應)血液檢驗,全套血液檢查,離型鞭毛蟲檢驗,跳蚤與心絲蟲預防藥,住宿費 合計台幣$16,750 帶約美金$540。

Hi, my name is Tarzan! I was wondering in the streets by myself for a very long time. Life on the street was tough but I was luckly to run into a very kind person. My human friend brought me food and water for months but the water treatment company nearby started to complain. They put up notice to forbid people bringing me food and called Animal Service to remove me from the area. Worrying about my future, my friend called Mary's Doggies and rescued me. Things have changed since Mary's Doggie took me in. I went to the vet, cleaned up and received medical treatments. Everyone says I am very a good boy which makes me very happy. Right now I am living with foster family where I am making lots of friends and learning a how to be a good dog!

From the Foster Family:
Tarzan is a very gentle boy with good manners. He was shy and scared at first but quickly learned to trust people again. He's good on leash with no food aggression, good with dogs in all size and is crate trained. He is microchipped and neutered. 

He received the following medical treatments:
Medical Checkup and Vaccination, Rabies Shot, Deworming, Idexx SNAP Test, PCR Blood Test, CBC Blood Test, Giardia Test, Flea and Heartworm Prevention and Medication. The total medical bill for the above is $16,750 TWD which is approximately $540 USD.