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The Story of Doppy
Hi everyone, apparently my name is Doppy, you know? Like the funny little guy in Snow White? They gave me a different spelling so we wouldn’t infringe on something or the other but anyways, I wanted to share my story with you if you have the heart to listen. I have a fuzzy memory of a loving home, I was a very good boy and knew what my mum and dad liked and didn’t like and I did as they say. I don’t know how or what happened, but I ended up here in the mountains, not knowing where I was nor where I was going. I’ve never felt such fear. I couldn’t find anything to eat, had no water to drink, and couldn’t make any new friends. On top of that, I’m no young lad, I have pains in my leg and oh my achy back, try hiking in that condition. It’s so hot and humid here in Taiwan, but I couldn’t find any water to quench my thirst. I was so excited to finally find some water one stormy night, there were spotlights on it too from time to time and I didn’t want to leave my new found water. (I later learned that the spotlights were from funny looking dogs called cars?) I was happily drinking away when two very nice ladies approached me. They seemed nice so I decided to go along and see what happens, I have nothing to lose anyways. They gave me a feast and took me to their car where I fell right asleep. I thought I would never feel the loving touch of a human again until my saviours came. I guess the angels must have taken pity on little old me; I feel much much better now under the loving care of my foster family but I am still looking for a forever home to call my own. Treatments: Mary’s Doggies is sending me to weekly acupuncture treatments to relieve the pain in my legs and spine but these costs sure do add up. It’s NT$ 2000 ( USD$ 70) per session and if possible I would like to go to weekly sessions because I truly feel unwell. Will you please donate to help me with my sessions? I promise to be a good doggie to my foster family and will try to play with the annoying little ones! I promise!

大家好,我的名字叫做 Doppy。這名字應該很耳熟吧? 沒錯,跟白雪公主裡的「糊塗鬼」一樣,他叫做Dopey (糊塗鬼),和我擁有一樣的發音,只是拼音不同。直到今天,我對自己名字還是一知半解。如果你們願意,請讓我分享我的故事,希望你們可以聆聽。 我隱隱約約地記得,那個曾經給我溫暖的家。我是個好孩子,很了解我的主人,也很聽他們的話。直到有天,我被留在山中,沒有了家,也沒了希望。我不知道主人為麼離開我,也不知道自己做錯了什麼。我不知道自己為什麼會在山裡,沒有食物和水,只有孤單和害怕。台灣的氣候濕熱,我是個老小子,背痛不說,疲倦的腿也開始不聽話。某天的一場大雨,讓口乾舌燥的我,在路旁找到一攤雨水可以喝。即使我周圍一直出現外型古怪的狗 (後來我才發現,這些機器狗叫「車子」),和它們發出的奇異燈光,我堅持守著這攤得來不易的雨水,捨不得離開。我注意到有個友善的姐姐試著接近我。她們的親切,讓我決定一探究竟。她們不僅給我一頓大餐,還讓我上了她們的「車」。回家的路途中,我安心地睡了。上天一定是眷顧我這老小子,才會派兩個天使來救我,讓我重新擁有人類的愛,這真的是我意想不到的幸福。 我在Mary’s Doggies 得到很多的愛和照顧。我對未來充滿希望,期待再次擁有自己的家。Mary’s Doggies 每個星期都會帶我去針灸,來減退我腿部和背部的疼痛。我的身體不好,所以每個星期都要接受針灸治療。每次的費用是台幣2000 (美金70)。可否請您願意捐助我針灸的費用? 我會努力當個好孩子,聽中途之家的話,也會陪伴其他精力旺盛的年輕毛孩玩耍 (雖然真的很累)。我會持續努力,保持樂觀。謝謝您願意聽我的故事。希望您可以幫助我。